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Review of 2Win Casino

Every country’s residents have an innate need to gamble, and for Macedonians, that destination is 2Win. The site, which is affiliated with the Republic of Macedonia’s National Video Lottery, is a portal in the local language that features a variety of games and sports popular with the country’s population. It seems to be exactly like any other online sportsbook, with a variety of live betting options, virtual games, all kinds of sports covered, and an active casino on the side.

The only true distinction is in the language. If you are not a native Macedonian speaker, the website is also accessible in English. However, it is reasonable to presume that if you are playing at 2Win, you are likely Macedonian and know the language. The site has a strong social media presence, including a Facebook page with over 1,500 followers and a Twitter account dedicated just to customer service. 2Win may not be the biggest or most opulent website on the web, but it is a vital resource for Macedonian gamblers.

Concerning 2Win

2Win’s slogan is “Play for enjoyment.” Players must be above the age of 18 to participate in the site, and it’s safe to assume you’d need to be proficient in Macedonian as well, since it’s difficult to picture anybody else going out of their way to play at this site. The site is in English, albeit this seems to be limited to the menu selections; any secondary parts, such as the About page, will still welcome you with a sprawling mass of Macedonian that makes no sense to you.

However, with the assistance of Google Translate, it is easy to ascertain that the corporation behind this site is known as Casinos Austria LLC, which is a joint owner of Macedonia’s official lottery. The firm specializes on providing internet gaming to Macedonian residents. The site’s management are devoted to responsible gaming and declare their desire to minimize the risk to players who may be in over their heads.

Amounts in the Bank

Credit and debit cards seem to be the major methods of funding your 2Win account. There seems to be a 1.95 percent charge on Visa and MasterCard transactions processed here. Additionally, there is a 10% tax on winnings. When playing outside of Macedonia, the minimum withdrawal amount is €300. There may be costs associated with withdrawing money from your playing account. It’s difficult to corroborate this information definitively since there is no dedicated banking website, and the one that does briefly discuss these topics is, of course, in Macedonian.

Betting on Sports

Macedonians, like the rest of Europe, are passionate about sports betting, particularly football. The English Premiership remains a special allure, and the league, along with the French, German, and Italian football leagues, is widely featured on the site. The sportsbook at 2Win is identical to that of any other site, with a bet slip in the right-hand column and a calendar of upcoming matches in the center of the website. Although odds are given in decimals, they may be displayed in the old format if desired.

On the left sidebar, you’ll find a list of all the leagues covered, which includes the Macedonian football league. Apart from football, sports such as basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, ice hockey, baseball, cycling, and snooker are also available for betting. Additionally, the site has a dedicated results page where you can stay up to date on the latest sports results. This allows gamers to monitor the performance of their wagers as well as their favorite sports team. Here you’ll find results for all of the main leagues that 2Win covers, sorted by date.

Acceptable Casino Alternatives

At 2Win, you’ll find a well-stocked casino with the value of the progressive jackpots prominently displayed at the top of the website. For brevity, the values of these prices are presented in Macedonian dinars, or MKD. The site thrives at slots but struggles with other games. If you like table games, you will discover just one roulette game. Fortunately, there is a larger variety of slots, and each one is labeled with the amount of lines it contains. Many of these games, produced by EGT, are based on existing titles from other companies.

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